A Super Duper Fun Guessing Game!

by John Hawkins | February 12, 2008 6:16 am

If you are, tragically, one of the unenlightened souls who doesn’t read Conservative Grapevine[1] every day, well, you should definitely start doing that today. Head over, bookmark it and you will learn to love that blog the same way you love don’t hate Right Wing News (very much)….wait, what was my point? Oh yeah, oh yeah…if you don’t read CG, you may have missed this picture of my lovely and talented friend Em Zanotti[2].

This is Em…

Now, after seeing that pic, you are probably thinking, “Gee, if you are going to put up a cheesecake shot, at least give us a full body pic.”

Actually, the point of this isn’t to put up a pic of Em. It’s to let you play a little guessing game — assuming, once again, that you’re not a good hearted person and therefore, you don’t read Conservative Grapevine[1] every day.

The guessing game is: Guess which person is staring at Em’s chest? Wait, no — it’s not you! I mean, guess which FAMOUS person is staring at EM’s chest if you look at full picture.

Click on over[3] and take a look. While you’re there, check out Em’s blog, too, because she has a real gift for snark.

  1. Conservative Grapevine: http://conservativegrapevine.com/
  2. Em Zanotti: http://americanprincessblog.com
  3. Click on over: http://americanprincessblog.com/?p=2811

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