A Teleconference With Israel’s Former Ambassador To The UN, Dore Gold

by John Hawkins | August 1, 2006 2:36 pm

The folks over at One Jerusalem[1] set up a teleconference today with Israel’s former Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold, who was in Jerusalem.

Interestingly enough, Pam, from Atlas Shrugs[2], was already there and in his hotel room when the conference started (although she swore up and down that they had a chaperone 🙂

Dore talked for about 30 minutes before opening up for questions and he was a very impressive speaker who did a fantastic job of laying out Israel’s point of view. It was logical, it made sense, it was fantastic…but I’m not going to cover most of it. He related the following:

— He complained that the UN has legitimized Hezbollah.

— He said that Israel is actually doing the UN’s job and fulfilling UN Security Council Resolutions by disarming Hezbollah.

— Hezbollah is, in effect, a branch of the Iranian army.

— It’s clear Syria had Rafiq Hariri assassinated.

— He said Israel will quit fighting when the soldiers are returned, the rockets are no longer a threat, and when a reinforced Lebanese military with international forces backing them up are patrolling the Southern border.

He also said two other things that were particularly fascinating:

#1) I asked Dore, “Why do you think Americans are so pro-Israeli when so much of the rest of the world is against your country?”

His response was something like,

Another Israeli said this attack on Lebanon is about sending a message to our enemies in the Middle-East: Don’t mess with Israel. I think you have a bumper sticker in Texas, “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Those are the common values, the common thinking that helps bond our peoples — and we appreciate the support.

I loved that!

#2) As you may have heard before, the Israelis are actually calling people in Southern Lebanon and telling them to leave. But, Dore added some extra details to the story that just blew me away.

He said Israel actually calls people in Southern Lebanon and tells them that Israel knows Hezbollah put rockets in their home. Either move the rockets or we will blow up your house! Can you imagine? I actually asked him how they could even know that sort of thing or verify that the rockets were moved, but of course, he wasn’t allowed to say anything.

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