A Teleconference With Mark Steyn

by John Hawkins | October 26, 2006 4:00 pm

Today, via the fine folks at One Jerusalem,[1] I got to be in on a teleconference with Mark Steyn who is plugging his new book, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It[2] (Incidentally, I just finished up the book I’ve been reading this morning and will be starting Steyn’s book tonight).

Steyn was, as always, fascinating — so much so that ever so often I would realize that I had been so engrossed in listening to what he had to say that I forgot to take notes. In any case, here are some of the things Steyn said that really stuck with me (Keep in mind that these are notes, not quotes).

— French Muslims were more hostile than the Muslims that he met in the Middle-East.

— The percentage of France’s population that is Muslim has gotten big enough that they really can’t afford to stand side by side with the United States in a nation like Iraq because it would cause too many problems for them on the home front.

— Countries like Scandinavia have become bi-cultural in a single generation. Where will they be in another generation?

— Even if the terrorists never fly another plane into a building, Europe is in deep trouble because of their aging populations and the rapidly increasing number of unassimilated Muslims living there.

— Socialized medicine and big government is breaking Europe economically and yet, that’s exactly what a lot of Democrats and Republicans want to do in the United States.

— Large parts of Europe will soon be mired in civil war or will be fast becoming part of Islam, and we simply cannot expect them to be the sort of allies we’ve had in the past.

— With every passing month, the demographic balance is swinging towards Muslims in Europe and away from the aging members of Western culture.

— It has been over the last few decades that Jihadism has really gone mainstream in Islam.

— In theory, a secular society should be able to continue to keep its birth rate going, but in practice it doesn’t work.

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