A Teleconference with Mike Bouchard

by John Hawkins | October 27, 2006 9:25 pm

Earlier today, I was on a teleconference with Mike Bouchard[1], the Rightroots endorsed candidate for the Senate.

Here are the notes (not quotes) from the teleconference:

Bouchard pointed out that Stabenow wants higher taxes, more regulations, and wants to thwart tort reform. She tries to say that the economy in Michigan is Bush’s fault, but look at the rest of the country. Is Bush supposed to have culled Michigan from the herd and ruined our economy while the rest of the country is doing great?

Also, Michigan is a late closing state and we have a phenomenal GOTV campaign. It’s not unusual for us to have 10 point swings at the end of the campaign here in Michigan. Stabenow herself was down 17 at the end of her last campaign. So, even though we’re still a little behind in the polls, we’re still in this race.

On illegal immigration, Stabenow voted to give Social Security to illegal immigrants and she’s lying about it. She’s basically just an empty suit with no influence in Washington. She wants to be invisible and she’s ducking debates. In fact, we sent chickens to her office because she wouldn’t debate us.

We’re going to send her that old, “How a bill becomes law,” School House Rock video[2]. She needs it since she has only passed one law. (Hawkins’ Note: I’m not sure how serious he was about this part, but I thought it was hilarious)

Update #1: The Mike Bouchard campaign send over this excerpt from a subscription only article at National Journal[3]:

“Today a staff member from the Mike Bouchard for U.S. Senate campaign will hand-deliver a legislative bill to Senator Debbie Stabenow’s campaign office in East Lansing while also dressed up as a bill.

The bill costume represents the single piece of legislation that Senator Stabenow has authored and passed after nearly ten years in Congress. The bill that Senator Stabenow passed re-named a federal building.

The staffer will deliver Bouchard’s “Triple A” Protection Act (American Automakers and Autoworkers Protection Act), the first bill that Bouchard will introduce as a U.S. Senator. The bill protects autoworkers and automakers from frivolous environmental lawsuits that raise the cost of business and harm job growth.

Today National Journal, a highly-regarded, nonpartisan publication that covers Congress, reported that Senator Stabenow’s colleagues have doubts about her effectiveness despite the fact that she holds her party’s third-ranking leadership post in the Senate:

“But a few Democrats grumble that Stabenow’s lack of aggressiveness has hurt her effectiveness. ‘Stabenow has not been given, nor has she earned, nor has she fought for, the respect that she needs from [Senate Democratic Leader Harry] Reid and some of the others in the caucus,’ said a veteran Democratic source who asked not to be identified. ‘Her elbows are not sharp enough to do that.’ This source added that Stabenow is not seen as an ‘equal partner-player’ among the leaders.”

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A Teleconference With Mike Bouchard

by John Hawkins | October 12, 2006 9:13 pm

Earlier today, I got in on a teleconference with Mike Bouchard[1], the Rightroots Endorsed[2] Senate candidate from Michigan, who was announcing that the Minutemen had endorsed his campaign.

Chris Simcox from the Minutemen dropped a few interesting numbers during the teleconference. He said that last year, that there were 1.2 million illegals of 89 different nationalities captured coming over the border. Now, what does that tell you? That people all over the world are using Mexico as a launchpad to try to sneak into the United States.

Also, I asked Simcox the following: The President, a while back, referred to your group as a vigilante group. Since then, your group’s endorsement has become very welcome and a valuable endorsement for Republicans across the country. Do you think the President regrets that characterization?

Here’s his response, which is from my notes, not a quotation.

Simcox: Yes, I do. The President sort of apologized to us by saying people shouldn’t have to help the government on the borders. We’re a neighborhood watch group taking the President’s plea after 9/11 to be vigilant seriously. There has never been a case where the Minutemen have taken the law into their own hands, but we have helped the border patrol make 20k arrests.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the Michigan race, Stabenow is definitely vulnerable, Bouchard is running a good campaign, and with the poor economy in Michigan, people are definitely dissatisfied and willing to consider a change.

Unfortunately, the Michigan Republican primary was competitive and very late in the cycle. Furthermore, Stabenow has a big edge in cash and Bouchard has been running about 10 points behind. Can Bouchard close the gap? Well, if he’s going to do it, he needs to start making up some serious ground in the next couple of weeks — which is possible, since it’s not unusual to see a lot of movement in Michigan Senate races late in the cycle. Time will tell if Bouchard can pull it off.

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