A Vicious Cycle Of Dependency

Yesterday I commented about the permanent black underclass created by the Democrats with their social programs. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is no better example of that than the following pictures of an estimated 30,000 people showing up in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday to get a public housing application. Yes, you read that right..THIRTY THOUSAND.

georgia 1

georgia 2

(pictures courtesy of 11Alive.com in Atlanta Georgia)

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Honestly, the pictures want to make me cry. Because I know that most of the people pictured here are perfectly capable of working and providing housing for themselves. Are there people in the crowd that truly are in need? Yes. And we should take care of them. But instead we may not be able to take care of those, because so many take advantage of the system. Why? Because their parents did. It’s all they know.

I blame Republicans too. I blame them for ignoring this community. I blame them for not reaching out, going into the inner city communities and exposing them to the ideas of independence and hard work. I blame them for not creating companies in the inner cities for jobs. I blame them for not pushing forward with Jack Kemp’s idea of “empowerment zones.” I blame them for not pushing forward the idea of gradually being able to buy a public housing apartment. I blame them for letting the Democrats own this community for their votes.

What is even sadder is the permanence of it. Believe or not, these people waited in line to get an application for public housing that doesn’t exist. That’s right. They will only get on the waiting list, which last had an opening in 2002. Which means that those in public housing aren’t budging. They get into public housing, and they stay there. What incentive is there to be on their own? The Democrats will simply say we need more public housing. But we all know that isn’t the answer. It only makes the problem worse.

We can do better. We MUST do better. This is an unacceptable situation. No one wants to talk about it. Politicians are afraid of being called racist. The rest of us just ignore it. It’s time we talk about it. It’s time we do something about it. We have to teach independence and self worth. We cannot keep ignoring it. It’s time to break they cycle of dependency

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