Abortion As Social Injustice

by Melissa Clouthier | July 7, 2008 3:09 pm

Conservative groups begin highlighting one of Barack Obama’s more extreme positions: his views on abortion. CBN[1] reports this from the Christian Defense Coalition:

“Senator Obama talks about bringing hope, faith and change to American politics. We now see this is all just political ‘doublespeak.’ One of his top priorities as President would be protecting abortion rights and even expanding them. If elected, Senator Obama would become ‘The Abortion President,’ with the most extremist policies on abortion of any President in history.

“Senator Obama’s views on abortion are so radical that he even wants American citizens to pay for them. This would include Catholics, Evangelicals and all people of faith. He would also expand abortion rights through his passionate support of The Freedom of Choice Act[2].

David Brody says:

This is Obama’s challenge with Evangelicals. He can talk about the social justice issues all he wants and yes, it resonates to a certain extent but unless he moves on abortion (not likely) he’ll have a problem. If he shows some support for parental notification laws or the annual fetal pain bill that moves through Congress then that will help insulate him to a degree on the extremist abortion tag.

Abortion as social injustice undermines a key Democratic tenet that matter to conservative Christians: taking care of the poor and neediest and being a voice for those who don’t have one. All sorts of individuals find a home in the Democrat party because together, they have more power. But still, these people have voices[3] and often loud mouths[4]–which, in itself, calls into question how oppressed[5] they truly are when everyone knows exactly what they think feel.

Still, Christians believe their mission includes clothing the poor, feeding the needy, tending the sick, visiting the imprisoned, caring for the widows and orphans, and on it goes. Jesus told his followers that “whatever you do to serve the least of these, you’ve done for me.” To a conservative Christian, it doesn’t get more “least” than a helpless unborn child.

Hope and changeyness sounds wonderful–even to evangelical ears, but upon closer inspection, it rings hollow. Democrats will find their social justice messages a tough sell when the greatest social injustice, abortion, is a central plank of their social platform. Their only hope is to try to deceive conservative[6]s into believing that Obama really is against abortion. Which, of course, he isn’t.

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