About Your Friends…

by John Hawkins | December 19, 2007 9:48 am

Over at the liberal feminist blog, Feministing[1], Samhita writes,

“I have, let’s see, NO friends that don’t have sex with a guy within the first week of dating him. It is a myth that men are more into sex than women in relationships.”

It’s not a myth, Samhita. I don’t know if they’re nappy headed or not, but you apparently have a skewed perspective because you hang out with a bunch of hos.

PS: The left’s insane devotion to abortion make a little more sense now, doesn’t it? I mean if you bang every guy who takes you to McDonald’s for a Big Mac twice in a week, it’s not surprising that you might end with an unwanted pregnancy.

PS #2: What do you think? Could that line be part of a round-a-bout strategy to get men to support feminism? You know, woth the idea being to get guys to think, “Sure, they might be nagging, trench harpies, but at least they’re easy?”

  1. Feministing: http://feministing.com/archives/008266.html

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