ACLU Exaggerate Watch List Numbers

by John Stephenson | July 19, 2008 11:35 am

The ACLU sounded the alarm that our terrorist watch list has reached one million names! This is a huge exaggeration that I rip apart with facts in my Pajama’s Media article. [1] Here is a sample:

I have given the ACLU credit on this issue; now I will give reasons to be skeptical. The claim that there are one million individuals on the terror watch list is a myth created through the exaggerated “estimations” of the ACLU. The truth[2] is there are less than 400,000 individuals on the consolidated terrorist watch list, and less than 50,000 on the no-fly and selectee lists.

Assumptions by the ACLU were probably based on a 2007 report[3] claiming the estimate of 700,000 possible records on the watch list and growing by an average of 20,000 per month. Apparently, they didn’t take into account that the numbers do not necessarily represent actual individuals. A new “record” is created for every alias, date-of-birth, passport, spelling variations, and other identifying information for watch listed suspects. Furthermore, they did not take into account the name-by-name scrub that took place in 2007. Notably, 95 percent of those on the consolidated watch list are not American citizens[4] and the majority are not even in the U.S. The shocking numbers the ACLU is broadcasting are simply inflated and dishonest figures.[5]

Read the entire article.[6]

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