Admit it, you wish you lived in Wisconsin.

It’s not just that Wisconsin stands atop the football world, or that Wisconsin is quickly ascending to the top of the political world. It’s that Wisconsin’s CEO has what’s commonly known as “a pair:”

Walker budget plan would limit state unions to negotiating only on salaries

Madison – Gov. Scott Walker wants to help fix state finances by cutting benefits for union workers and wiping away their ability to negotiate over anything but their wages, setting up a potentially explosive battle in the Capitol.

That would mean public worker unions would not have any say on benefits and work rules and would face a new restriction on salary increases as well.

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Walker’s bill also would allow public employees to avoid making payments to unions if they don’t join those unions. Now, workers can choose not to join unions, but they must make “fair share” payments similar to dues – a requirement that unions say is needed because all workers benefit from their work at the bargaining table.

Plus, the state would no longer collect union dues via paycheck withholding. The unions will have to go direct to the employees, and those employees will have to write checks.

Walker’s proposal isn’t without some controversy, even in conservative/Republican circles. But the gauntlet’s on the floor now, and Scott Walker done threw it there. While Illinois is raising taxes, and even Republicans in Iowa and Minnesota are saying yeah, maybe that’s a good idea, Wisconsin is paving the way for business to do business.

Plus: beer, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers. Doors are open, folks. Come on in.

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