by John Hawkins | September 30, 2003 6:03 pm

It looks like I’m going to have 1 banner ad spot and at least a couple of button spots in the support section available for October.

— Banner ads run 468×60 & cost $20 a month. If you’re interested, send $20 to my Paypal account (which is also located in the support section — please mention what the money is for in the comments section) and email me your 20kb or smaller banner ad. I will sell a maximum of 4 of these ads per month.

— You can also buy an 88×31 button in the “support section” of RWN for an entire month. The button ads appear on every page of RWN. If you’re interested, send $15 to my Paypal account (which is also located in the support section — please mention what the money is for in the comments section) and email me your 3kb or smaller button. If you’d like to have a button bigger than that, then contact me and we can negotiate a rate.

— You can purchase a link in the main section of RWN. The post will be marked as an advertisement & it can run up to 400 words. The post will begin at the top of the page and will work it’s way down. Posts on RWN’s front page stay up for 3 days. If you’re interested, send $5.00 to my Paypal account (which is also located in the support section). A maximum of 1 of these advertisements will be sold per day.

Those numbers are fairly cheap given that so far for September I have 143,282 daily uniques & 258,217 pageviews. Last but not least, it’s first come, first served.


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by John Hawkins | September 8, 2003 1:13 am

First off, I’d like to thank all of RWN’s advertisers for September…

The Bloghunter – Weblog Index[1], The Catholic Samurai[2], Celebrity Morons![3], Delta Star[4], Electric Venom[5], Ghost Of A Flea[6], Lex Libertas[7], Right Wing Nut[8], Right Wing Stuff[9], VitaminUSA[10], Widgets[11], Zogby Blog[12]

You like reading RWN? Well these blogs help make it possible. Their money pays for my hosting, software, consultants, and they put a little change in my pocket besides. If you enjoy RWN, couldn’t you just take a look at a few of these blogs as a thank-you? I’d sure appreciate it if you could.

— Speaking of advertising, I’m planning to dump the Amazon books on the left. Since I make almost as much money from the button ads in a month as I’ve made from Amazon this year, I figure why bother? So I’m thinking of replacing that space with some other form of advertising. Maybe a couple of 120×60 ads at $20 each or some text ads — maybe even rotating text ads? What if I had up to 9 text ads, w/ 3 rotating in every time RWN refreshes. Do you think I could sell those at say $5 each? I’m open to ideas if you have any suggestions…

— Then there’s the t-shirts. I have been planning to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc, forever and it’s almost a given that I’d sell them through Cafe Press[13]. However, I am not a graphics or design whiz and I have no idea about how to put all this stuff together. Do any of you know anything about design or have any suggestions about what sort of gear I should sell? Again, I’m open to any ideas that people have…

  1. The Bloghunter – Weblog Index:
  2. The Catholic Samurai:
  3. Celebrity Morons!:
  4. Delta Star:
  5. Electric Venom:
  6. Ghost Of A Flea:
  7. Lex Libertas:
  8. Right Wing Nut:
  9. Right Wing Stuff:
  10. VitaminUSA:
  11. Widgets:
  12. Zogby Blog:
  13. Cafe Press:

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by John Hawkins | March 26, 2003 11:59 pm

Advertising: We still have advertising spots left. If you’re interested in getting one you’ll probably want to get in touch with me by Friday.

— The advertising offered is a button in the Support Section of RWN.

— The button appears on almost every page of RWN, stays up for the entire month of April starting on April 2nd, and costs $15. That’s not bad considering that I’m averaging better than 4000 daily uniques and 8000 page views per day.

— I would like for the button to be 88×31 and 3kb or less although we can negotiate a fee for larger buttons.

— If you’d like to get a button, send $15 to my Paypal account which is also located in the support section and then send me an email with your button included. I can try to help you a basic button if you don’t know how to make one, but do remember that I’m not a graphic designer =)

— I reserve the right to decline anybody I so choose if your content objectionable to do keep in mind that I only intend to sell five slots first come, first served.

— — Speaking of our advertisers, thanks to Those Shirts[1], Conservative Commentary[2], Between The Coasts[3], Belly Flop[4], Timeshel Arts[5], & Number 2 Pencil[6] for advertising on RWN. You might want to give them look, especially if you haven’t seen their pages before, to show them that they were smart to buy an ad on RWN.

— Last but not least, RWN always welcomes contributions & people who buy me things off of my wish list. f you’d like to do so, just head over to the Support Section.

  1. Those Shirts:
  2. Conservative Commentary:
  3. Between The Coasts:
  4. Belly Flop:
  5. Timeshel Arts:
  6. Number 2 Pencil:

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