AGW Today: Completely Bonkers

by William Teach | September 14, 2008 9:23 am

You know, I spend quite a bit of time cruising the port side of the ‘Net, something I learned here at Right Wing News when I first started reading the site. I love reading the plain insanity of the Left, it really is humorous, once one has armoured up so as not to go ballistic reading it. I usually have no problem coming up with responses, usually in derision, but, sometimes, a post comes along that is just so bat-sh*t crazy, that words elude, and, anyhow, there is no point in remarking on a long winded post that starts out thusly, Mateys. Just read and wonder what extra-strength Prozac could accomplish[1]

Yesterday a Texas-sized invader crashed Big Carbon’s Houston citadel and the coastal communities that lay between the Gulf and America’s Oilarchy. Homeland Security couldn’t divert the threat. Even the collective power of the Pentagon and the entire military-industrial complex couldn’t stop the invader. No surprise there. Though Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex, and the corporatists they all serve have the power to harm and defile Mother Nature, they can’t stop her. Yesterday, the force of Nature we call Hurricane Ike reminded America’s Oilarchy that Nature bats last.

The Oilarchy is greedy, devious, and deluded. Like other mass-murderers, they’ve drawn lessons from their most notorious predecessors…kinda like interrogators in the Inquisition (or the Bushie Gulag) shared notes on how best to torture. Following in Big Tobacco’s funeral train, the Oilarchy has learned to play the doubt card really well. Big Carbon play the doubt so well that they’ve been able to stifle the urgent search for solutions to global warming with phony debates about whether global warming exists…or — if it does exist — whether human-produced greenhouse gases have caused it. [For those who have been watching too many commercials or hanging out with serial child-neglecter Sarah Palin, the respective answers are “yes” and “yes”].

Well, one comment: did the wacko who posted at Firedoglake, founded by blackface Hamsher[2] ever hear of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900? Not many SUVs back then, eh?

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