Americans Cut Back On Spending, But Don’t Worry, Salvation Is Nigh–UPDATED

The New York Times reports the cutback in consumer spending:

When the final tally is in, consumer spending for the quarter just ended will almost certainly shrink, the first quarterly decline in nearly two decades. Many economists, who began the third quarter expecting modest growth, now believe the cutbacks are so severe that the overall economy did not expand either, and they warn that a consumer-led recession could be more severe than the relatively mild one earlier this decade.
[Ed: The one that wasn’t reported because Clinton was president? That one?]

“The last few days have devastated the American consumer,” said Walter Loeb, president of Loeb Associates, a consultancy, who said he worried that the constant drumbeat of negative news about the economy was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. “They all feel poor.”

Hmmm….I wonder why Americans feel so poor? It’s not like the press hasn’t been gleeful about a potential American economic implosion.

Hopefully, Americans are paying off debt. They’ll spend more for Christmas. They’ll spend more if Obama is elected because the press will glorify and edify his name and proclaim this:

Appropriately subtitled in German. Watch the whole thing…groovy things are to come! And there will be no more tears, and no more sorrow:

Life is REALLY, REALLY, um……, really, really, really bad now, but it will be so much better soon. Hang on hippies, salvation is nigh!


I’m not sure that even The One cans save us from this.


Comment from rrobin:

Really, Melissa, instead of acting like we’re amused by this whole Obama election travesty, it’s time to fight. It’s long past the time to give ourselves the luxury of just playing with trolls around here. We can’t just play while everything we hold dear just slips away…

I’m responding here because for some reason I can’t comment. Anyway, to clarify:

I am not amused. At. All. In fact, let me lay out the point of the post since I obviously didn’t communicated clearly. The press has been a participant in the economic debacle. They decide what to print and how to print it and it makes a difference. Journalistic integrity is a farce. Had there been honest reporting, the Senate democrats’ despicable conduct regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failure would have been reported–but it’s Demorcats so they get a pass. The American public has FINALLY been informed about the mortgage crisis, but most of the information is coming out AFTER a Trillion dollar spending bill passed that is not going to work and in fact further enables bad behavior.

I am not amused. The Press desires to put Barack Obama into the Presidency so badly, they will not give all the facts about Obama so people can make an informed decision.

I am not amused. Congress Democrats played around with the “rescue bill”, played politics and packed the bill full of pork, and acted like the asses they are, with seeming indifference for the American economy, because a bad economy favors Obama, don’t you know? They so desire power, they will take the world economy down a freaking black hole to do it? It’s too late. No matter what happens, the next four years are going to stink, no matter how the press tries to spin it if Obama is elected. With a McCain presidency, the Republicans will be tagged for a disaster that McCain himself tried to prevent–oh and President Bush, too. But we don’t hear about that because the press bias is so complete, so egregious and so pathological.

So no, I’m not amused. I’m enraged. And now, my blood pressure is up, thanks! And what makes me even angrier is that we have a candidate who pussy-foots around and won’t name the problem because he’s a Senator who thinks he’s better than everyone because he’s part of the “In Gang”. So no, he won’t go after his fellow Senators because they are part of the same inbred, elite problem.

For McCain to have an ice-cube’s chance in hell at being elected, he is going to have to LEAD. He is going to have to not come across as a mild-mannered Senatorial negotiator or focus on his Maverickness. He’s going to have to explain why his ideas are so much better and do it in a persuasive way. Does he have it in him?

For all the press bias and for all the Democrats willful destructiveness, Americans will respond to a positive, rational, optimistic message–like the one that Sarah Palin articulates so well. Coming from McCain, it will have even more punch. He has the experience and hard-earned stripes which is in stark contrast to Obama’s lack of experience on the one hand and his disturbing “experience” on the other.

In this post, I was attempting to demonstrate the press bias, the collusion and delusion of the Democrats and the real-world consequences, and also to show the foundation of Obama’s ideology. Obama is a leftist socialist Hippie clothed in a tie and wearing a bright smile. He is dangerous for America and must be defeated, but he’s viewed as a savior by his followers. Just like the bailout, they will find out, too late, that they’ve been duped. Or, they’ll be so invested in their perspective that they will follow wherever Obama leads. And that’s a frightening thought.

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