America’s Most Trusted News Source?

by McQ | November 18, 2007 2:13 pm

Earlier this week, Chris and I were watching a CNN investigative report on the use of performance enhancing dugs in professional wrestling. I don’t know why Chris wanted to watch it, since neither of us are wrestling fans, but I generally let her have her way with the TV.

The thrust of the hour-long show was that professional wrestlers use steroids and what-not (I’m shocked–shocked!–to learn of such a thing), then fly into odd fits of psychotic rage like Chris Benoit, and harm themselves or others. Or just keel over from a heart attack at 35.

Whatever. It’s all Vince McMahon’s fault, anyway.

In any event, one portion of the show addressed a portion to WWE superstar John Cena. When the show aired, this was the answer about the use of performance enhancing drugs that Mr. Cena was presented as giving.

When we heard this answer, I got a knowing smirk, and when I looked over at Chris, she just rolled her eyes. Obviously, Mr. Cena was evading the question–indeed, as much as admitting that he had used them, even though no one could ever prove it.

Interstingly enough, CNN wasn’t the only organization that was taping that interview. The WWE taped it, too. And it’s a good thing they did, too, because when you see the actual answer the Mr. Cena gave, it is nearly the exact opposite of the answer that CNN broadcast.

Looking at the two videos really brings it home to me, because I saw the original show, and I remember exactly what I was thinking, and what Chris was thinking when we saw the original show. And now I see how CNN manipulated the answer, probably to make me think pretty much exactly what I did.

And, it makes me think: If CNN can so cavalierly edit an answer in a relatively peripheral story about professional wresting, what are they doing with really important stories.

CNN, of course, has decided that Mr. Cena’s demand for an apology is absurd. Is it? Watch the two videos and judge for yourself.

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