Amnesty Bill: Heroes and Villians — Jack M.

The first vote, on the motion to proceed, has been cast.

Those voting in favor of ending debate and moving on to consider a bill none of them have read voted “Y” and are “Villians”.

Those voting against ending debate and preventing Amnesty from being shoved down the throat of the American public are “Heroes” and voted “N”.


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Dole, Enzi, Inhofe, Sessions, Sununu, Roberts, Thomas, Vitter, DeMint, Byrd, Bunning, Crapo, Corker, Sanders, Dorgan, Shelby, Allard, Coburn, Cornyn, Thune, Tester, Baucus, Hutchison.


Everybody else.

The final vote: 69 “Yeas”; 23 “Nays”.

It took 60 “Y” votes to end debate on the motion to proceed.

Interesting notes:

1) Brownback voted “Y”. Either he’s going to attempt to “split the difference” by voting “Y” now and against the final bill, or he’s decided his long-shot Presidential bid doesnt need the votes of those who oppose amnesty. Good luck with that, Brownback.

2) The only Dems who voted “N”: Byrd, Dorgan, Tester.

3) Independent (Socialist) Sanders voted “N”. Undoubtedly, the “enforcement” provisions, such as they are, are too onerous for the Vermonter.

4) With only 23 votes against the motion to proceed, opponents of the bill have nowhere near the number they need to sustain filibuster. If there are to be obstacles placed in front of the bill it will require individual senator’s utilizing individual rights (such as demanding that the Substitute Amendment containing the actual bill text be read).

5) Vitter put Landslide Landrieu in a tough spot back in LA. She is now on record as having voted in favor of an amnesty bill, even if she votes against it later. Having a GOP senator reminding an increasingly Red State of her position on this will hurt her in the future.

UPDATE: Well, Reid caved to GOP demands for one additional week of deliberation. It’s not much of a concession, but it does allow more time for opponents to work the phones and keep the pressure on.

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