Angela Merkel: Don’t Back Off On Beheading Mohammad

by John Hawkins | September 27, 2006 4:18 pm

I think more Western leaders need to take this attitude[1] when the crazed Muslim mobs start howling for blood:

“Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans on Wednesday not to bow to fears of Islamic violence after a Berlin opera house canceled a Mozart work over concerns some scenes could enrage Muslims and pose a security risk.

“I think the cancellation was a mistake. I think self-censorship does not help us against people who want to practise violence in the name of Islam,” she told reporters. “It makes no sense to retreat.”

…Berlin’s Deutsche Oper said on Monday it had pulled performances of the opera, which features a scene depicting the severed heads of the Prophet Mohammad, Buddha and Jesus, after police warned it could pose an “incalculable” security risk.”

Be careful with your cartoons! The Muslims might murder people if you draw something that offends them! The Pope needs to be more careful about what he says! Doesn’t he realize Muslims might murder people if they get offended? We need to cancel the opera! Muslims might not like it and they’ll murder people!

Enough of this!

When you have people actually curbing what they say about a religion not because of fear of criticism, but out of fear of violence, that’s simply not acceptable and it’s great to see Angela Merkel speaking out about it. Perhaps other Western leaders, especially George Bush and other politicians in the United States, will wisely follow her lead.

Update #1: How’s this idea for an Islamic wacko counter-protest sign?

Do you think it’s too much? Yeah, it probably is…

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