Ann Coulter endorses the “magnificent” Duncan Hunter for President

Thank you, Ann, thank you!! I’ve seen her talk him up a few times before, but this video is really great:

COULTER: “Actually, my favorite candidate is [Rep.] Duncan Hunter [R-CA], and he is magnificent. The problem is most people say, “Who’s Duncan Hunter?” He’s a genuine war hero. He has one son, I think, in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. He is good on every single issue. He has been out front on building a wall. He did build a wall at San Diego. He’s very good on — on the life issue. He’s good on everything.”

I love Ann Coulter anyways, but I’m so glad to see her speaking so highly of Duncan Hunter, who truly is (in my opinion) the best candidate in the race, which is why I have volunteered with his campaign. I wish I saw more conservative bloggers and writers mention him — all you typically see are complaints about the “big three” and endorsements of Fred Thompson. And… that’s it. You don’t see many of the big blogs giving alternatives to McCain, Giuliani, and Romney beyond Fred Thompson. So it’s great to see someone so prominent speaking so highly of Hunter — hopefully she will keep it up.

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