Antiwar Traitor Jodie Evans Says U.S. Sailor ‘Deserved to Die in Iraq’ – Plus, Code Pink Hosting $500-Per-Person Fundraiser for Jerry Brown

In other big news today, “Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mom: Your Son Deserved to Die.”


In 2008 they [Code Pink] barricaded the recruiting office in Berkeley with the blessing of the Berkeley City Council. We at Move America Forward had all we could stomach when we heard them tell the Marines they were unwelcome, unwanted intruders, not in Iraq or Afghanistan but on American soil in Berkeley, California. Americans from across the nation joined us in Berkeley to counter-protest these anti-war hippies. Numerous times they told me they support the troops but not the war, yet over and over when I asked if they had sent care packages, phone cards, written letters, or helped the families left behind in anyway, they conveniently couldn’t remember anything they had done. Yet they had a successful fundraiser to send $600,000.00 to our enemies in Iraq? Yet Jodie Evans and her Code Pink degenerates taunted me and made light of my son’s sacrifice telling me, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.” It took every ounce of reserve in my body to not level these idiots to the ground. These same people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” says that my son, who gave up his life for their freedoms, deserved death.

Recall that I met Jodie Evans last year, when she declaimed media reports that Code Pink was “rethinking” its opposition to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. In fact, Evans’ group had just returned from Afghanistan where they met with members of the Taliban, so chalk that up to inept messaging on her part, and that of her traitorous cohorts.

A few others are posting on this today. See Weasel Zippers, “Code Pink Taunted Gold Star Mom: “Your Son Deserved to Die in Iraq”…”

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And at Power Line, “An Appalling Story“:

This episode tells us something about Jerry Brown. He is sometimes viewed as a harmless eccentric, a left-over hippie, a crazy uncle who means well. But he is much worse than that. He is a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, as shown by his willingness to align himself with the vicious anti-Americanism of the Code Pink loonies.

And also previously at Sweetness & Light, “Code Pink’s ‘Sugar Mommy’ — Jodie Evans.”

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