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by John Hawkins | May 20, 2002 9:17 pm

Anyone Can Post On The Internet Part 438453485: It’s going to take me a little while to get all these posts together but I’m getting ready to make this into a regular feature. We’ll be bringing you the freakiest posts from forums all over the net so you can see what the tin foil hat crowd, anti-Americans, left-wing kooks, and racists are thinking. Thanks to EZCW for sending in these racist ramblings from the Black World Today Forums[1]…

walt235: “Yes, God has truly blessed this world with the emergence of the black race, and of course a curse followed with the emergence of that other offspring race.…[2]

Indeed caucasians have tried to trick us into beliving how intellectually superior they are based on their racist and bogus standardized testing systems, created by racist white men to increase their own chances of success. It has been proven many times that race or pigmentation does not determine the intellectual capacity of one racial group over the other. It is culture and what our culture dictates that increases or decreases our knowledge and breadth of learning. For instance, there are many people in America inlcuding white and asian people who are lost intellecutally and are unable to keep up with academic and technical demands placed by society, and not necessarily because they are disadvantaged but because of other circumstances. On the contrary, society is full of blacks and people of color who are able to excel and counteract all intellectual obstacles placed by a caucasian inspired and biased testing system that has no bearing on their ultimate college performance and achievements. Since caucasians are the majority in America and basically were and are able to design infrastructures of knowledge and systems of intellectual evaulation, they are obviously not going to design systems that would be an advantage to blacks or people of other races, but be an advantage to themselves.

An example of the false sense of superiority among caucasians: Hitler once declared that the aryan race was superior and above all races, yet his theory was absolutely defeated during the 1930(?) Olympics in which a black man out ran all of his aryan scalawags, and the same analogy holds true for the false sense of intellectual superiority among caucasians today against blacks and people of color.”


cashier_8: “I can feel it in my thumbs that something wicked this way comes, that is a saying that Native Americans said about white folk when they first came to these shores and they were right!

here is some of the ways I punish disgusting white folk: when I used to work at a oil change company, I would always give whites a used sludge filled filter in stead of a new one so that it would slowly destroy their motors, yet charge them FULL PRICE! also when I changed their tires I would always leave the lugs un-tightened so that over roughly 3 months the tire would gradually loosen and roll off the axel and cause injuries to the racist driving, it always worked and I never got caught. when I worked at a burger joint I ALWAYS made sure that the disgusting white racist got a stale bun, I know that that is trite but it made me feel good knowing that I F’ed another racist. at the shopping mall I always put an M80 fire cracker in te tailpipe of a disgusting/funny looking white SOB! lexus knowing that it would explode in 20mins or so…….what fun! costly too. heres one more you hateful racist! on two occasions I used some household chemicals that I mixed together to form some highly toxic gas and poured it into a racist white neighbors central air unit and enjoyed watching the ambulence rush them to the hospital with an oxygen mask on! the racist dog FINALLY moved away! and the house is now occupied by some wonderful black people, the evil white person NEVER knew why she had breathing problems which in the end forced her to EXIT! on the other side of me is some very delightful Asians. the way I see it, I’m just helping karma along.

to be continued…. (you can count on it!) may Black folk and POC live long and prosper. to the depths of hell with that other group.Can we all just, get along?………NO!!!!”


RanLove: “Have you noticed that the rules in the NBA are changing which now makes it easier for a white NBA player to dominate. Mind you, I strongly believe that there are some great white players both past and present who I myself love their game. BUT watch for David Stern. The zone defense is nothing but a move to keep the faster and quicker players from being able to use their God given talent. We all know what the color is of most of those faster and quicker players. Black & Blue. Look at these teams that are turning to foreign players, these are the teams that are winning. These white boys are “ballin”. Sacramento, Dallas, and Utah just to name a few. By the way if you live in a black neighborhood, I would suggest that if you want to keep your valuables in a safe place, I suggest hiding them in a book. Thats right, yes a BOOK, because if a black person breaks into your house, the books are like cryptonite. (Superman)They are not going to mess with any books. Just a little humor. Any way getting back to the NBA. Look at how many white players the Lakers have on the bench. That is a must for those in power in LA. Yes Shaq and Kobe is the plan, but white is the color of the “Big Boss Man”.”

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