Anyone In Congress Reading?

by John Hawkins | February 20, 2006 4:23 am

It’s bad enough that so many members of Congress behave like modern day pirates whose goal is to loot our tax dollars so they can dole them out to friends and supporters back home. But, to add insult to injury, some of these clowns actually go so far as to name the pork projects they’ve brought home after themselves.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we already have enough hubristic members of Congress giving roads absurd names like the Robert C. Byrd Expressway. We also have more than a few bridges being tagged with ludicrous monikers like Don Young’s Way.

So, can I suggest one short, but sweet new law I’d like to see passed?

No building, road, bridge, museum, or anything else constructed with our tax dollars can be named after anyone currently serving in Congress or in the White House.

It’s just an idea.

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