Apartment Complex Threatening to Evict Marine Vet for Flying the Flag

by Ashley Herzog | April 5, 2014 4:18 pm

A Virginia apartment complex is threatening to evict a Marine for displaying the American flag[1]. The vet, Manuel E. Vega, served three combat tours in Iraq.


Apparently, the complex allows flowers and holiday decorations, but not tacky stuff like the flag.

The Salem Run Apartment Homes in Fredericksburg, Va., initially warned Vega about the flags, then said they would be willing to work something out, but, Vega told Examiner.com Thursday, nothing has been done and the complex has not backed down. Vega told Examiner he has been flying the flags since October, but apartment managers recently decided to take action. A notice warning Vega of the flags was tacked to his front door, he said.

Can you imagine how this story would unfold if the complex tried to evict a gay resident for flying a rainbow flag? There would probably be petitions, pickets, and righteously angry editorials denouncing the policy as a cover story for the complex’s bigotry. But in any case, do they really have to treat the American flag like an eyesore that’s ruining the ambience?

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