Are We Safe?

A few days ago I wrote that I hoped that not interrogating the Christmas Day bomber properly wouldn’t end up being the worst mistake of the Obama administration.

I always felt that since Obama made the decision to listen to his Generals and deploy thousands of troops to Afghanistan, and to commit to the drones bombing of terrorists in Pakistan, that he understood the danger posed by these radical Islamists.

Now I’m not so sure. Dana Perino breaks it down for us at NRO:

The administration last week admitted that the none of the intelligence services was consulted when Abdulmutallab was Mirandized after 50 minutes of questioning and then charged as a criminal defendant. Some in the administration even claimed that those 50 minutes were enough time to get everything he knew out of him. (Yeah, right. Former CIA director Michael Hayden demolished this ridiculous idea in his Sunday op-ed in the Washington Post.)

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Now the administration has begun systematically leaking to the press that he started talking again last week after FBI agents prevailed upon his family in Nigeria to convince him to cooperate.

The problem that Perino sees is that this gave the other terrorists he worked with plenty of time to go underground. She also believes that the administration should have kept the fact that Abdulmatallab is talking again private. They should have only told the Senate and House Intelligence Committees in closed session. It makes sense not to tell the world that your captured terrorist is talking about other attacks and other terrorists. The terrorists who are planning these attacks realize now they need to go another route. But no, the Obama administration would rather save their own political behind than try to find the network Abdulmutallab worked with.

It’s the complete opposite of the way Bush worked. Bush kept things secret that would have made him look heroic in the attacks he saved us from. But he chose to do the safest thing for Americans and not gloat about his own accomplishments. It always drove us crazy because he was letting the left write the narrative. But Bush always knew he was doing the right thing to keep us safe and didn’t care what they said about him.

With Obama, he seems to not care if this causes us to lose valuable intell. All he cares about is that YOU know that his administration got this terrorist to talking again! After all, It’s soooo important that we all know that!

Obama disbanded the CIA interrogation program that had given us an enormous amount of intelligence from the past. He did for politically correct reasons. Ignoring how it kept Americans safe.

This administration may be taking the war on terror overseas seriously, but I don’t think they take it here seriously. There is a reason Bush kept us safe for eight years when no one thought that possible. I pray for the best of course, but I have a sick feeling that we aren’t going to be kept safe on Obama’s watch. He won’t always be able to count on a faulty detonator.

Update: Are we safe? I guess this answers my question.

Al Qaeda is almost “certain” to try a major attack on the U.S. in the next three to six months, intelligence chiefs warned Tuesday.

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