Arming Your Executioners

by Pamela Geller | March 24, 2008 6:08 pm

There are no words. When, in the history of the world, did a country arm it’s avowed enemy bent on its destruction. I am ……………. at a loss. Over at Mere Rhetoric[1] (hat tip sniper)

Palestinians To Get 25 Cutting Edge, Helicopter-Busting
Cutting edge Russian weaponry going to the PA
those new PA troops deployed in Nablus[2] – at least those
who haven’t defected yet to Hamas or AQ or the Fatah "offshot" groups that
murder Israeli civilians – are getting even
more high tech weaponry:

Israel has approved the supply of 25 armoured vehicles to
Palestinian security forces in the West Bank ahead of the proposed Middle East
peace conference, senior officials said Wednesday.
‘As part of a policy of
supporting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and strengthening the Palestinian
National Authority (PNA) security forces, Israel has allowed them to purchase 25
armoured vehicles for deployment in the West Bank city of Nablus,’ a spokesman
for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said without specifying a timeframe for
the supplies. The decision comes despite concerns among Israeli security
that Islamist group Hamas may eventually get hold of the military
supply, as they did in June by taking control of the Gaza Strip from the rival
Fatah movement, controlled by Abbas.

DEBKA reports that it’s going
to be the APCs are going to be BTR-80s[3], pictured above. Their specialty?
Protecting troops from just about anything but a direct missile hit while they
take potshots at helicopters (more info here[4]). A few of these on the ground would totally
transform the dynamic of a battle. 25 of them are enough to protect all of the
PA’s forces in Nablus plus some.
Israeli intelligence is wall to wall that
Abbas is going to get rolled[5] as soon as Hamas gets
around to it. Hamas leaders are now allowing themselves to openly boast that they’re going to overrun the West
as soon as Israel makes any concessions (this is not an
anti-Annapolis tactic: their approach to that has been the exact opposite[6]). Until then, only the
Fatah soldiers who double as terrorists and the ones who openly defect to AQ
will get to use these against Israeli troops (h/t: BtB[7])

[8]Full article at Jerusalem Post

Following a slight delay in delivery and despite opposition from
within the IDF, Israel will facilitate the transfer of 25 armored personnel
carriers next week to Palestinian Authority security forces in Nablus, The
Jerusalem Post
has learned.

PA police in Nablus are scheduled to receive 25 of these
armored personnel carriers early next week over IDF objections.

Prime Minister Ehud
Olmert approved the shipment two weeks ago over the objection of his own
security forces, which then held up the transfer of the Russian-made armored
vehicles after the Palestinians demanded that they be fitted with mounted
machine guns.
Olmert’s decision to allow the transfer was made in line with
the Israeli policy of strengthening PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his security
forces in the face of Hamas attempts to take over the West Bank like it took
control of the Gaza Strip in June.
Defense officials said Thursday that the
armored vehicles will be transferred early next week. The vehicles will be
transferred into the West Bank via Jordan. They will be deployed in Nablus,
where they will be used by the Palestinian police. Defense officials said that
while the Palestinians backed down from their demand to have machine guns
installed on the vehicles, it was still possible that they would do so
unilaterally once the transfer was completed.

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