Bad Lefty Ideas This Week

by Morgan Freeberg | April 20, 2013 9:36 am

This is one of those weeks where I hope people have been paying attention…

The following were either written/uttered since Monday morning, or else revealed to be dreadfully bad ideas since Monday morning. Quite a week for a good education, for anyone willing to watch, listen & remember.

1. Hoping[1] that the persons responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing incident were “white Americans.”
2. Trying to pass a gun bill to make it harder[2] for American citizens to keep and bear arms.
3. Blaming[3] the “lobbies” when the gun bill fails, because the senators know their constituents would hold them accountable.
4. Pushing an immigration bill[4] to allow Islamic extremists to become U.S. citizens without anyone doing a lick of research.
5. Blaming[5] Sen. Ted Cruz for being 42 years old.
6. Putting up a “gun free zone[6]” where the bomb went off; if only it was a “bomb free zone,” huh?
7. Speculating that the bomber was “on the far right[7]” of the political spectrum.
8. Blaming the bombing on the gun culture and the “2nd amendment[8].”
9. Releasing the Saudi national for deportation[9].
10. Declining to answer[10] any questions about releasing the Saudi national for deportation.
11. Blaming[11] the Boston bombing on “tax day.”
12. Supporting people who are JUST LIKE the Boston bomber…after they become college professors.

Now that the weekend is here, we can contemplate whether any of them had anything going for ’em. My verdict so far: This is a swirling tempest of sloppy crackpot thinking…drug-induced, at least some of it, more likely than not.

I’m reminded of that old adage about how, if you make a mistake and don’t admit it then you’ve made two mistakes. One wonders how many mistakes we’re making every week by allowing lefties to run things.

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