Bailout Bill Poll Results: You Hate It, You Really Hate It!

by John Hawkins | October 2, 2008 7:24 am

The first poll I did on the bailout was put out prior to the bill failing in the House and the stock market doing its best trampoline impression as a result. So, I decided to do another poll to see if anybody’s mind had changed as a result.

The initial poll results had 85% of RWN’s readers opposing the bailout and 15% supporting it.

Yesterday’s poll results[1] had…drumroll please…91% of RWN’s readers opposing the bailout and 9% supporting it.

Just a piece of advice for the Republicans, including John McCain, who are supporting this bill: Welcome to political hell. Your lack of political courage put you here. Good luck getting out before the elections. You’ll need it.

PS: I don’t like seeing the GOP get itself into this position, but they’re doing it to themselves. At some point, they’ve just got to realize that if they keep feeding the people who put them in Washington crap sandwiches, they’re not going to keep getting invited to picnics.

  1. Yesterday’s poll results:

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