Barack Hussein Obama

by John Hawkins | February 28, 2008 7:17 am

Since John McCain foolishly went overboard and attacked one of his own supporters for calling Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, there’s been a controversy over his name.

First off, just to be clear: Barack Hussein Obama is his name, just like George Herbert Walker Bush is George Bush’s full name or George Felix Allen is George Allen’s full name.

If Obama’s supporters are embarrassed or humiliated by the man’s name, that’s an issue that they should work through. Maybe they could try sensitivity training?

Personally, I like to call Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama every so often solely because liberals freak out about it so much.

“OMG, some used Barack Obama’s full name! I am hyperventilating with rage!”

Please, spare us.

“Oh, but you’re trying to convince people he’s a Muslim!”

Almost nobody, other than the Clinton campaign and the sort of jackasses who send out internet spam, is trying to convince people that Barack Obama is Muslim — because Obama is not a Muslim. This is acknowledged pretty much everywhere in the blogosphere, on talk radio, and in the mainstream media. Barack Obama definitely, unconditionally is not a Muslim — he’s a member of an anti-white, racist “Christian” church. The word “Christian” is in quotes because I think the racist doctrine Obama’s spiritual mentor pushes is a perversion of Christianity.

“It’s unfair to mention his middle name because it’s Saddam’s name!”

If John McCain’s middle name was, let’s say, Arafat, is there anybody, I mean anybody, who doesn’t think liberals would be calling him John Arafat McCain all day long?

“You’re not going to win the election by using Barack Obama’s full name, which must never be spoken!”

Of course we’re not going to win the election that way. It’s probably not going to cost him a single vote — but, the ridiculous overwrought reaction of liberals over the use of his name is hilarious! That’s why it’s funny to see pics of Obama in Muslim garb or to say his middle name, because it drives liberals — and sadly, John McCain — out of their minds.

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