Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

by Sister Toldjah | May 4, 2008 6:44 pm

Since North Carolina has become a battleground primary state for the two Democrat candidates for president, they’ve both been canvassing the state personally and in some cases sent surrogates. The last two days I’ve had the opportunity to attend rallies for both, because I wanted to mingle with the people at the two events, see the candidates in person, and to snag some pictures and video along the way.

My recap Friday night’s Barack Obama rally at Cricket Arena in Charlotte is here[1], and includes links to the photos I took as well as a link to the short video I took of yet another fainter at an Obama rally.

Here’s the recap[2] of yesterday’s Hillary Clinton rally in Gastonia. Had a better time at that one, for reasons noted in the post. Photo links are posted in that one as well, along with about a one minute video of Hillary talking about foreclosures and healthcare (I was experimenting with the video feature on my digital camera).

I read via AP that Bill Clinton’s ego was stroked today as two people fainted[3] at two different rallies he spoke at today:

After one person fell during an event in Lenoir, Clinton joked: “Somebody faints at nearly every one of these things now. At my age, I didn’t think I could make anybody faint anymore.”

The primary is Tuesday – the polls are up and down in terms of how much[4] Obama leads Hillary by in NC, but it may actually end up being closer than people think it will be.

Stay tuned …

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