Bartcop Shows What ‘Mainstream’ Leftism Is About These Days

by John Hawkins | September 19, 2003 8:00 pm

I’ve pointed out many times over the last couple of years how kooky the ‘mainstream’ left has gotten. Here’s another great example, I grabbed this image off of the front page of Bartcop’s Political Humor[1]….

Wow, that is some political humor isn’t it? So who’s this Bartcop who posts these “hilarious” graphics? Some flake with 12 people reading his website? Oh no, quite the opposite.

A few months ago when I did the 100 Of The Most Popular Political Websites On The Net[2], he weighed in at a very respectable #56 & today his Alexa rank[3] is an exceptional #26,147. Furthermore, he is linked on prominent left-wing blogs & websites like Eschaton[4], Eric Alterman: Altercation[5], BuzzFlash[6], & The Agonist[7].

So Bartcop’s warped perception of reality may be a minority view on the left, but it’s pretty hard to argue that they’re “fringe” views. Look at the traffic he gets, look at the people who link him — this isn’t a guy who’s perceived as a kook on the left. That’s not just scary, it’s actually sad..

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