Battleground State Tally

All right everybody, let’s get ready for the final push. I’ll be reporting the battleground state results as they come in and talking about the implications. I’m not going to bother with states that aren’t in contention.

*** Update #1 ***: The Kerry Spot is hearing from a lot of confident people in the Bush campaign….

“About a half hour back, I posted word that a senior Bush campaign official was saying, “Ohio is won, Florida is won, and Pennsylvania is tied.” Then Shannon Coffin noted a White House source saying, “Confident that Bush will win OH and FL, that he will roll in WVa (ten points?) and that Mel Martinez will carry Florida.”

Now some unnamed source is telling Red State is saying “it is over. Bush won. Ohio and Florida are secure.”

Folks, we didn’t like this when the networks did it in 2000, and so I would urge anyone who is still thinking of voting to go out and do it, whether the buzz is your guy is up or not. The GOP-heavy panhandle is voting until 7 central standard time, 8 pm Eastern. So there is no reason to not vote, no matter who you support.

UPDATE: Middle Cheese checks in again. “Just checked in with the White House and on the Bush-Cheney campaign. They are confident that they will win both Ohio and Florida.”

Well, so far, so good. Still waiting for a battleground state to break…

***Update #2***: The absentee vote margin here may explain the confidence of some of these Republican insiders about Florida but does it mean we will be waiting until at least Thursday to know the results?

“Florida’s absentee ballots, which are expected to heavily favor President Bush, won’t be counted until Thursday, because state election officials have been overwhelmed by heavy turnout of regular voters.

“Republicans say they have a 154,000-votes advantage” in Florida’s absentee ballots, Fox New Channel’s Jim Angle reported Tuesday night.

“When you get an absentee ballot, it’s done by party affiliation, so they know how many more Republican [absentees] they have than Democrats,” Angle said.”

*** Update #3 ***: It’s 9:12 PM EST and Yahoo has both Ohio and Florida leaning Bush. It’s still early, too early to know anything, but again, so far, so good…

*** Update #4 ***: The Amendment in Colorado that would have retroactively split the state’s electoral votes has lost. That saves W. 4 electoral votes.

*** Update #5***: It’s 10:05 and not a single battleground state has been called yet. Given how Florida went last year with the early call, I suppose that’s a blessing, but the sooner the better. I will say that PA. looks ready to go for Kerry which isn’t unexpected.

*** Update #6 ***: According to Yahoo: Florida, Ohio, Michigan, New Mexico, and Wisconsin are all leaning towards Bush. Take that with a grain of salt, but I’m very pleased with how it’s going right now….

*** Update #7 ***: 10:29 Just as a note guys, I’m feeling VERY GOOD right now and VERY BULLISH about W’s prospects. Take it for what it’s worth…

*** Update #8 ***: Now Yahoo is projecting New Hampshire for Bush! W00t!

*** Update #9 ***: NBC calls PA for Kerry. Again, that’s not a big surprise. But, what took them so long?

*** Update #10 ***: Here’s a key fact to keep in mind folks. If Bush wins 2 out of 3 in Florida, Ohio, and Michigan (and he’s ahead in all 3 right now), it’s over. Kerry can’t win….

*** Update #11 ***: Should you be feeling good right now? Well, here are some of the thread titles on just the first page of the DU General Discussion forum…

— I’m Sorry. This Is So Surreal That I Just Gotta Laugh Now
— This whole f*cking country is nuts
— Don’t forget this,Who knows what the Lawyer knows.
— Keep positive people! We are still in it!
— I this is the youth vote then they are just asking for a draft
— Something is Very Wrong Out there….NC numbers don’t add up
— OMFG! This is so godd@mned transparent, I could vomit!
— So preoccupied with the election, I just fell down a flight of stairs
— This is depressing me
— “If Bush Wins Again I Fear For America”
— North Carolina needs to purge it’s idiot population.
— OK, so we’re under attack.
— how hard is it to move to canada if youre a student

I’m still feeling it and I’m watching Florida, Ohio, and Michigan…

*** Update #12 ***: Bush is up 52-47 with 95% of the vote counted. Geeze, call it for Bush already…

*** Update #13 ***: ABC calls Florida for Bush and the lead is wide enough that I think Democratic legal challenges would be futile.

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