Be My Political Valentine

by John Hawkins | February 14, 2008 8:30 am

Are you in love with a staffer on Capitol Hill, someone who works at a think tank, or just a plain, old political wonk? Well, then today’s your lucky day because you can show them that you really do understand their weird obsession with monetary policy, parlimentary rules, and the Laffer Curve by giving them one of these nifty Valentine’s Day cards.

A special thanks goes out to E.M. Zanotti[1], CavalierX[2], William Teach[3], Christopher Taylor[4], Andrea Harris[5] & everyone else[6] who made suggestions for this post.

  1. E.M. Zanotti:
  2. CavalierX:
  3. William Teach:
  4. Christopher Taylor:
  5. Andrea Harris:
  6. everyone else:

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