Best of RWN Humor


Animal Humor

ALF Mix-Up Ends In Feline Tragedy

The Amazing Japanese Dog Translator

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet

Animal Control Fighting Smurf Infestation

Cats or Dogs? Which is the Better Pet?

A Day In The Life Of A Puppy

The Puppy-Oil Cannon

RWN’s Guide To Raising Your Dog

Tasmanian Devils. Man’s New Best Friend?

The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From Watching My Dog

Woman Speaks To Cat Like It Was A Human Being

ICQ Pranks

Are You Making Fun of My Name?

Do You Want to Join My Clan?

Emperor Galactus

GAH!!! A Witch!!!

Glad to Help!

I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun!

I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun Part 2!

The l33t Hax00r


My Dad Says

The Persistent Spammer

So How Are the Death Matches This Time of Year?

There’s A Hacker In The Chat

Welcome to Hell…EHR Australia


Liberals On The High Seas

The RWN Guide To Anti-Americanism

The Bono Interview

The Top 10 Biggest Lies Told On The Internet

Constitution Ruled Unconstitutional

Politically Correct Fairy Tales

The Right Wing News Guide To Rain Forests

Q&A Friday #24: About The Latest Burger King Commercial

America’s Military: Our First Defense Against The Baby Menace

Americans Don’t Like Soccer Because It’s So Boring It Sucks Your Will To Live

Anthrax? Did Someone Say Anthrax? Panic, Panic, Panic!

April Fool’s Prank Page 2007

Collect Call from Carrot-Top Not Accepted

Famous Last Words

God’s First Day As Head Negotiator in the Middle Eastern Conflict Goes Poorly

The Greatest Terrorist Threat: Babies

If The Media Treated Basketball Games Like They Treat The War On Terror

If Planned Parenthood Wrote The Next Harry Potter Book…

John Hawkins’s Guide to Child Care

John Hawkins’s Guide to Child Care Age 2 months – 1 Years

The Journal of an Angsty Teen

Behind The Scenes In Iraq With Wolf Streisand

Saddam Is Counting On You!

The Saddam Hussein Fan Club

The Terrorist Quiz

Mad Osama’s Super Sale!

Al-Qaeda Job Opening

Brave Sir Bin Laden

Mad Osama’s Afghani Real Estate Directory!

Man Is Bitterly Disappointed By ‘Wishmaster 3’

Mainstream Media Magazine

Marry Me Jennifer!!!

Non-American Countries Gather for Quadrennial World Cup Wimpfest

The RWN Guide To The American Lawyer (Epluribus Scumsuckingus Iceheartedess Sobness)

The Southerners Guide to Snow

The RWN Idiot Test

The RWN Real-Estate Sale

The Top Ten South Park Episodes Of All-Time

Rules For Terrorist Dating

The Top 10 Worst Excuses For Not Updating RWN

The Top Ten South Park Episodes Of All-Time


BREAKING NEWS: 15 Year-Old Wins Write-In Campaign For Florida Governorship

Hillary Clinton’s Crash Site Photos. Caution-Gory Footage

Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You

The Ultimate Karl Rove T-Shirt

Why I Am A Democrat

The Top 10 Reasons Sesame Street Never Caught On With The Palestinians

The War On Terrorism: Where Do Nations Stand?

What If The Matrix Was Guarded By Homeland Security?

Stranger Danger for Barack

Be My Political Valentine

Elect Cave Troll For President

Relationship Humor

The Top 10 Worst Pick-Up Lines For Geeks

The Top 10 Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date Part 3

The Top 10 Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date Part 2

The Top 10 Worst Things You Can Say on a First Date

Things To Remember When Dating Geeks, Nerds, Dorks, And Various Other Socially Challenged Guys

Pre-Relationship Agreement

Advice For The Lovelorn

If Your Girlfriend Is A Vegetarian

Translation Guides

The Man’s Translation Guide: What Are Women Really Saying

The Republican’s Translation Guide: What Are Democrats Really Saying?

Taliban Translation Guide

The Translation Guide For Middle Eastern Dictators

The Translation Guide For Tech Support

The Woman’s Translation Guide: What Are Men Really Saying?

The World

30 Fun Facts About Canada

An Open Letter to China

The Axis of Weasels

Canada Announces Going Out of Business Sale

Canadian Fan Mail

Canadian Man Mildly Offended That America Isn’t Threatening To Invade Canada

The Canadian Menace

A Pictorial Guide To The ‘Axis Of Weasels’

French Army to Market ‘Ultimate Surrender’ Video Game

French PM: ‘It’s Great to Be Collaborating with Germany Again!’

Greek Security Team Doesn’t Notice Giant Horse

The Right Wing News Guide to the World

US Government Press Release: Rumor Control on Europe

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