Bill de Blasio may flip flop on Stop and Frisk considering Bill Bratton for old job as police commissioner

by Samuel Gonzalez | October 5, 2013 2:54 pm

Bill de Blasio used to work for the worst mayor of New York, David Dinkins, who presided over the city’s worst murder rate of 2,600 per year.

Bill de Blasio has promised to end MYPD’s Stop and Frisk policies.However, he very well may be saying that to garner votes from the minority community all the while knowing he has no intentions of dismantling Stop and Frisk to avoid a crime spike on his watch.

New York Daily News[1] reports former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton could be back

Former NYPD Comish Bill Braton[2]

Former NYPD Comish Bill Braton

at 1 Police Plaza if Bill de Blasio is elected mayor.

As a new poll showed him with an astounding 50-point lead, de Blasio on Thursday revealed that Bratton is on his list of potential candidates to be the city’s next top cop.

“One person who’s been a very key adviser to me is Bill Bratton. I will certainly consider him,” de Blasio said in an interview on WCBS-AM.

De Blasio also mentioned the Police Department’s highest-ranking uniformed cop under Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Chief of Department Philip Banks, as “someone I’d consider.”

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Think of Barack Obama who railed against George W. Bush defense policies only to double down on them after he became president.They say what the people wanna hear to get elected.After they win, they want to keep things as safe as they were to avoid getting blame.

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