Bill O’Reilly — Weird Sex Freak Or Victim?

As most of you may have heard, former Fox employee Andrea Mackris is suing Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment. She says he’s a bizarre pervert and Fox says she is trying to extort $60 million dollars.

It is of course too early to say who’s right and who’s wrong, but I can tell you the complaint Mackris filed against O’Reilly makes for some fascinating reading.

For those of you who are looking for lurid details, they start on page 6 and go through page 18.

Mackris alleges that O’Reilly started sexually harassing her back in May of 2002, told her he had phone sex with other women, offered to have phone sex with Mackris & a friend of hers who was along at a dinner, told her in a conversation that he had a “vibrator shaped like a c*ck that a woman had given him” and he also apparently masturbated himself to climax during the conversation, that O’Reilly had unsolicited, one way, phone sex with her, & that O’Reilly used the vibrator on himself while he was talking to her.

Is it true? I don’t know. I would note that there are some aspects of Mackris’ story that I find a bit suspicious.

For example, Mackris left Fox for CNN in January, a year and a half after she says O’Reilly started harassing her. However, she then agreed to come back just a few months later after she says O’Reilly agreed to be professional. That tells you that at best, she wasn’t very bothered by any “sexual harassment” that had taken place up to that point and at worst, that it never happened at all.

The complaint also notes — with no real details — that Mackris’ boss at CNN was fired for sexual harassment in April of 2004. I’d really like to know if Mackris was involved in that in any way.

Also, I’d note that according to Mackris own account, O’Reilly never touched her or threatened her job, and Mackris never talked to any of O’Reilly’s supervisors at Fox about his alleged behavior. So even if everything she said was true, O’Reilly deserves to be immediately and unceremoniously fired, but in my opinion, she doesn’t deserve a dime even though our haywire court system doesn’t look at it that way.

Last but not least, I think if Mackris is telling the truth, there will turn out to be plenty of evidence to support her claims. Mackris paints a picture of a man who’s obsessed with sex to such a degree that he can barely control himself. She says he’s saying grossly inappropriate sexual things to her time and time again over a two year period despite her objections, sexually harassing her in front of a friend, having phone sex with women he knows, having affairs, even showing his…uh…let’s say “little bill” to a woman giving him a massage.

In other words, this is a description of a man who wouldn’t be able to keep his lewd private life hidden from the world once the glare of the media spotlight shines upon it.

In any case, I think it’s too early to make a judgement at this point, but as the case drags on, we should get a much better idea of whether O’Reilly is a scumbag or Mackris is just looking for a payday. Whatever the case may be, given all the spicy details that are out there and O’Reilly’s status as Fox’s #1 guy, expect this case to stay in the news long term.

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