Bill Sees G.I.s in Mideast:

Bill Sees G.I.s in Mideast: After 8 years of obsessive negotiating, pleading, and cajoling in the Middle East Bill Clinton ultimately accomplished nothing. Under Clinton’s watchful eye, Israel made the mistake of welcoming Arafat into the disputed territories where he then proceeded to build a terrorist enclave. The current intifada that’s occurring now also started while Bill Clinton was in the White House. So forgive me if I don’t think we should be taking any advice from the man who wants to become the next Jenny Jones.

That being said, his latest suggestion is an unusually bad one. He wants to put a “global force” comprised of “Americans, Europeans and Russians” in-between both sides.

First of all, we tried that before in Lebanon and it was a nightmare. Considering that the majority of Palestinians in the disputed territories hate Americans and support terrorism, this would have the potential of being an even bigger debacle that Lebanon ever was. Furthermore, Arafat and company only want international forces in there so they can impede the Israelis ability to make attacks. They’ll scream bloody murder the first time we actually start trying to root out Palestinian terrorists. Furthermore, how long are we going to have troops in the area? This fighting has been going on for 52 years and despite any rosy projections of peace and love, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were decades more of hostility to go. Do we want say 10,000 American troops in the middle of that quagmire being hit with intermittent terrorist attacks indefinitely?

No thanks Bill. Save the bright ideas for your talk show…

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