Blacks In The GOP

by Kathleen McKinley | September 3, 2010 9:32 am

I am loving this story. Maybe, just maybe, the GOP is finally understanding that in order to really reach out to minorities you don’t just offer similar values and beliefs, but you make sure they understand that they are a part of us as well[1].

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott on Thursday morning announced that state Rep. Jennifer Carroll of Jacksonville will be his running mate as lieutenant governor.

“I am honored that Jennifer is the first African-American Republican woman to be part of a statewide ticket in Florida,” Scott said.

“Jennifer Carroll is the embodiment of the American dream. She came to America as a young girl, decided to serve her country with the United States Navy, pursued a higher education, started a small business, and then was elected the first African-American female Republican in the Florida Legislature,” said Scott, who launched a new website featuring his new running mate (

“Her conservative principles are in line with mine, and this fall we will present a clear choice between conservatives with business experience and a plan to create 700,000 jobs and liberal Obamacrats who want to bring the failed Obama agenda to Florida,” Scott said in a statement to his supporters.

Speaking of similiar values, I have to share this video as well. At the Glenn Beck rally, this black conservative woman is not afraid to speak the truth to some liberal black friends from the Al Sharpton rally. I notice that they don’t address her one concern. The only one who does is the old white liberal. That’s because they know in their hearts, she’s right.

The best line in the video? “You want black people dead, so shut up.” You gotta love the passion.

  1. they are a part of us as well:

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