Blog Contest: Write The Best Anti-Socialized Medicine Post And Win $50

by rwnadmin | August 21, 2008 5:19 am

I’ve started working with the David All Group[1] for a few of their clients in the health care space. Towards that end, one idea I pitched to them was a way to drive more stories about the benefits of the free-market health care system versus a single-payer socialized approach like the one offered by Barack Obama[2].

Rather than do the usual in a situation like this, which is to email other bloggers and ask them to link particular stories, I came up with an approach that I believe could revolutionize the way interest groups try to pitch these sort of issues to bloggers. This concept is, I believe, more transparent, more effective, and better for the blogosphere than anything that has been tried before.

What I am going to do is hold a contest per week, for 4 weeks, designed to promote the best anti-socialized medicine posts in the blogosphere.

What will happen is that bloggers will write posts about socialized medicine. They can write them specifically for the contest or just because that’s what they happen to want to write about today, but once they write the post, they’ll send me an email letting me know that they want it entered in the contest (Yes, I do have to get an email. Sorry, but these are the rules I am working under).

Then, at the end of the week, I will select the best articles from that week on socialized medicine, will rank them, and then will link all the top posts on RWN. Furthermore, all the bloggers that rank will have the satisfaction of getting their work recognized and will get traffic from RWN — but first place will also receive $50.

The first contest begins on Thurs, Aug 21 and the winners will be announced on Aug 28th. So, write those posts about socialized medicine, email me the links, and then make sure to tune in next Thursday and link the winners!

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