Blood Money: The Economics of the Abortion Industry

by Kristia Cavere | January 24, 2011 8:46 pm

On this 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, one aspect that the pro-life community must continually remind our fellow countrymen of is the economics of the abortion industry. Similar to a successful corporation, the billion dollar infanticide business is the result of one of the most successful marketing campaigns in American history.

This “silent holocaust” where 3,500 American babies are aborted daily, is the ultimate exploitation of women. But the people who work at abortion clinics, and the politicians who sustain and encourage such establishments, earn a living by selling abortion through perpetuating the two great lies: a fetus is not a baby, and abortion is good for the woman. For money and power, such individuals are fighting to save themselves by killing innocents.

The pro-life documentary “Blood Money: the Business of Abortion” details how that industry is thriving financially. Carol Everett, the former owner of independent abortion clinics who was interviewed for the film, stated that the primary motivation for those entering that business is a desire to make money, therefore, they skillfully market their product to sell it to women in crisis.

Ms. Everett stated that pro-choice advocates want the breakdown of the family and encourage sexual education, knowing those two situations would increase the likelihood of teenage girls being sexually active. Abortion clinics offer a sense of false security through their distribution of birth control. However, they dispense the cheapest condoms and birth control pills with the lowest dose of hormones knowing that such contraception will have a higher rate of failure. The goal, stated Carol Everett, is “three to five abortions when the girl was between thirteen and eighteen years old.”

For a girl with an unplanned pregnancy, Ms. Everett said that the first step for the clinic counselor was to reassure the girl they would be able to take care of her problem and no one need know. Second, they would identify the fear by reminding the girl that her parents will be very upset, the baby’s father might abandon her, she’ll have to miss school sports, etc. If the girl was hesitant, the counselors were trained to intimidate her by stating that if she doesn’t have an abortion her life will be ruined. And because the majority of abortions are performed in clinics, the doctor-patient relationship, which supposedly provides choices for the woman, is a sham as she wouldn’t see the doctor until he was performing the operation.

Women were coerced up to 80 percent of the time into terminating their pregnancies, admitted Ms. Everett. If the women were asked why they choose an abortion, the number one reason was “they felt they have no choice.” Abortion has never been about choice; it is about despair when a woman feels that she has no freedom and no choices left. But the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences often outlast the nine months for her to carry her baby to term.

Manipulating the message has, sadly, been a triumph of the pro-abortion industry. They have used euphemisms for words, such as “blob of tissue” or “product of conception” in reference to a baby. They have used the positively associated word “choice” for their manipulations, which does not encourage options for women but highlights a singular end, abortion. And, with collaboration of leftist media and academia, they have effectively repressed biology as to when life begins.

The beginning of life is objective science. Medical and scientific writings are unified that at the moment of conception, the fetus is a separate genetic entity. It is a separate life growing inside the mother. Even at conception, the baby’s DNA is different from their mother’s for they are two distinct individuals. Every person has a right to life, and that right should begin the moment they become a human being.

How can the pro-life community increase the success we’ve had in changing the hearts of Americans? By exposing the abortion industry for what it is: a largely unregulated cash industry that exploits a crisis situation of the vulnerable, both the baby and mother. Then by reminding that pro-choice advocates have bypassed our legislative branch and used an unelected judicial branch that is unaccountable to the people.

Through masterful marketing, the abortion industry has deceptively portrayed a heinous act as a constitutional right, and this illusion needs to be dispelled. Life is not defined by size or level of development or ability to defend oneself. During her narration of “Blood Money,” Alveda King restated the famous words of her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr., that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” No justice can come from the abortion industry, which is based upon lies upon lies, at the expense of innocents.

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