Bloomberg Wants Still Higher Gas Taxes

Gas prices aren’t too high — they’re too low. But not to worry, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows how to fix the problem. Unsurprisingly, his solution is the same moonbats use for all problems: raise taxes even higher.

Bloomie explains his deranged conception of capitalism:

I think he [McCain] and Hillary Clinton couldn’t both have been more wrong when they wanted to reduce the gasoline tax during the summer. They should be raising the tax and encouraging people to reduce consumption. The anti-tax people don’t like that. But using capitalism to encourage the right behavior is exactly the [right] direction of going. Tax policy is the way government uses capitalism.

Actually, tax policy is the way government perverts, distorts, corrupts, and suppresses capitalism.

Remarks taxpayer Les Cox, interviewed at a Harlem gas station:

Bloomberg’s a billionaire and has no idea what it’s like out here.

The problem with us little people is that we don’t want to let our betters decide how we should behave and what it’s best for us to pay.

If only the taxes were really this low. Via RedPlanetCartoons.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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