Bob Fertik Spills The Beans On Rove’s Plan To Attack The Super Bowl

by John Hawkins | February 6, 2006 12:30 am

Usually, RWN doesn’t cover sports, but the day after Super Bowl Sunday is an exception. Not because of the game, but because Democratic consultant Bob Fertik[1] over at must have been even more out of his mind than usual when he wrote this…

From a post called (Are you ready for this?) “Is Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?”

“Which leads me to ask: is Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?

….If Rove wants a war with Iran, he will have to manufacture it, because Iran (like Iraq in 2002) is not trying to provoke a war.

And how better to manufacture a war than to manufacture a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl right while the whole world is watching – and blame it on Iran?

…I pray that I am wrong. But ever since Karl Rove plucked Bush out of his drunken stupor to groom him for a career delivering speeches fed to him through an earpiece, just about everything I feared has come true.”

Good news, Bob, your prayers came true! You were wrong! Maybe it was because you revealed Rove’s evil plan and because he knew you were on to him, he decided to back off! Keep up the good work and maybe they’ll make you the next DNC chief after Howard Dean is fired or perhaps you can lead the anti-war movement after Cindy Sheehan’s 15 minutes of fame are officially up. Sure, that may seem a little far fetched now, but if there’s one thing liberals love it’s Bush-hating kooks and, Bob, you definitely qualify.

Hat tip to JunkYardBlog[2] for pointing out this story.

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