Booman Tribune Blood Libels Pamela Geller, Author of The Post-American Presidency

by Donald Douglas | August 3, 2010 12:33 am

Blood libel accusations are a central manifestation of historical anti-Semitism. BooMan[1]‘s deliberately vague remarks about how he “could accuse” people like Pamela Geller of “committing acts of bestiality, ritual Satanism, and drinking the blood of gentile babies” are drawn right out the ancient books of eliminationist Jew-hatred. Just to imply such abominations among conservatives is pretty sick. To make them in the context of attacking a prominent Jewish conservative woman and self-proclaimed anti-jihad blogger leaves little room for evasion. And the comments at the post simply seal the deal.

Please read the entire entry, with screencaps and additional links: “Booman Tribune Blood Libels Pamela Geller[4].”

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