Border Agent Killed by Illegal Aliens

Border Agent Killed by Illegal Aliens

He just wanted to go fishing. Instead, Obama’s open borders policy got him killed:


Javier Vega was innocently fishing with his family in Willacy County, Texas when two individuals approached them in a robbery attempt. The suspects opened fire on the Vega family after they noticed Vega’s gun holstered on his hip. The 30-year old Vega, who was off-duty from his job as a Border Patrol Agent, and his father proceeded to fire back. Vega was shot in the chest and later died.

The Blaze reports that he two suspects, 30-year old Gustavo Tijerina and 40-year old Ismael Hernandez, have been identified as illegal aliens from Mexico who were living in Texas. While they fled the scene, they were later apprehended, booked into jail on Monday and charged on Tuesday. They will likely face capital murder charges, one count of attempted murder, and four counts of aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence.

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The two illegals confessed to the murder.

Nice work, Obama. Another death caused by your effort to fundamentally transform America.

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