Boston’s Lite Brite Losers Deserve Jail Time

by John Hawkins | February 6, 2007 1:14 pm

In my opinion, this seals the deal: The Lite Brite losers deserve jail time[1],

“The bomb hoax bozos whose light-up devices sparked a Boston terror panic were caught on camera standing with spectators and filming the massive police response, the Herald has learned.

Transit police surveillance photos taken at the Sullivan Square MBTA Orange Line station as police swarmed around one of the suspicious devices Wednesday morning clearly show the two men, sources said.

Peter Berdovsky, 28, was photographed holding a video camera filming the police response, including the transit bomb squad cop blowing up the device at 10:21 a.m. His prankster partner Sean Stevens, 27, stood alongside him.

The new evidence has surfaced amid speculation prosecutors may go easy on felony charges of planting a hoax device and disorderly conduct in return for some community service from the two men who were hired by a marketing firm to plant the cartoon promotional devices.

… But their presence at the scene appears to contradict both men’s assertion that they did not know their actions had caused chaos.

“The minute they knew that police officers were racing across the city, firefighters were racing to the scene, and bomb techs were suiting up, and they did not call 911. That – that forms intent,” one high-ranking BPD official said last night. “Their being there could provide the proof of intent prosecutors need.”

Berdovsky’s employer, Interference Inc., along with Turner Broadcasting, agreed to make $2 million in restitution to the city yesterday and apologized for any inconvenience. No one in either company has been criminally charged. Stevens’ attorney, Michael Rich, did not return a call.

When asked why his client did not alert police that he was responsible for the device – which, by then, had sparked a massive law enforcement response and subway and highway shutdowns – Pyle said: “My client was assured by his employer that they would handle it.”

Some people have said that the Boston “bomb hoax bozos” deserve to be punished severely for causing a panic while others have said, “Hey, that wasn’t what they were trying to do and it’s not their fault that Boston overreacted.” Well, even if the city of Boston did overreact, these two morons knew they were causing a panic, knew they were shutting down the city, and they just sat back and enjoyed the show instead of letting people know what was really happening.

Moreover, if they let these two idiots get away with this, they’re inviting a hundred imitators to try to disrupt the city of Boston for fun and profit. That’s why the prosecutors need to throw the book at these two clowns and try to put them in jail for a few years to send a message.

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