Both The Aliens And The

by John Hawkins | August 2, 2002 12:14 am

Both The Aliens And The Dead Know Our Past And Our Future…:[1] What do you get when you mix together fringe left-wing views, environmental extremism, and a lot of wild-eyed ranting about angels, aliens, and the dead? Why James Donahue[2] of course! I’d never heard of him before yesterday when RWN reader James Corbett pointed him out to me, but apparently other people have judging by the healthy amount of traffic[3] his page gets. While you’re looking at what I considered to be some Donahue’s most noteworthy quotes in the article and wondering if he just got out of a mental asylum, remember that there are apparently thousands of people who find this guy credible enough to regularly read his material. James Donahue not only proves that A.C.P.O.T.I (anyone can post on the internet), but that they can find an audience.

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