Braun Drops Out, Helps Dean Find Blacks for Cabinet By Scott Ott

by John Hawkins | January 15, 2004 11:59 pm

Former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley-Braun will abandon[1] her White House bid so she can help Howard Dean find qualified African-Americans for his presidential cabinet, according to an unnamed party official.

“I know that I can’t win this race,” said Ms. Braun. “And I also know that in 12 years as governor[2] of Vermont, Howard, despite valiant efforts, was unable to find any qualified black candidates for his cabinet. I know some people, and thought I could better serve the party by lining them up to interview with future-President Dean.”

Mr. Dean could not immediately be reached for comment, since he was giving a lecture to educate a group of white people about race[3].

If you enjoyed this satire by Scott Ott, you can read more of his work at Scrappleface[4].

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