Breathless Report: Bush Was Warned Levees Might Be Breached -– Ace

by John Hawkins | March 2, 2006 6:53 am

With all due respect: Who the hell wasn’t warned?[1]

I was warned. You wer warned. Everyone in New Orleans, Louisiana, the entire Gulf Coast and, for that matter, every tuna-boat mate in Nome, Alaska was warned.

For five days running that’s what all the talk on TV was about.

The breaching of the levees was always a possibility. They were only supposed to protect against a cat 3 storm, and a cat 5 storm is what was expected to hit New Orleans. (Actually, it turned out to be cat 3 when it hit, and the badly engineered levees still didn’t hold back the water. The water just went beneath them. They hadn’t been sunk deeply enough.)

Did Bush know the levees might be breached? Of course he friggin’ knew.

This is news?

The article doesn’t really inquire too deeply about why Katheleen Blanco refused federal help, or why she didn’t order a mandatory evacuation. Or why Mayor Nagin didn’t have his police round up stragglers and put them on to all those buses waiting in New Orleans parking lots.

FEMA is an emergency management organization, which generally comes in after a disaster. Pre-disaster work is still supposed to be done by local authorities.

Who didn’t.

But of course it’s Bush’s fault. After all– he was warned the levees might be breached!

As was every viewer of CNN and FoxNews, and every reader of Drudge.

And, for that matter, every reader of this stupid moronblog[2]. That post takes you to a Katrina round-up at Michelle Malkin’s, right before the storm hits, noting that, as we now all know, the city is 12 feet below sea level and may be completely flooded by a powerful storm.

Did Ron Fourier take an extra dose of stupid pills today?

This content was used with the permission of Ace Of Spades HQ[3].

*** Update #1 ***: Power Line[4] has a magnificant post on this subject that you should definitely take a look at.

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