Burn, Baby, Burn: NY Gun Owners Torch Registration Forms in Protest

Turns out, there are some gun owning conservatives in New York. : Who knew? : And these folks take their liberty seriously:

Under the hastily-passed SAFE Act, Gun owners have until April 15 to register their so-called semi-automatic rifles that fall under the state’s own definition of “military-style assault weapons.” The forms they burned are the very forms the state wants them to turn in registering their firearms.

Instead, gun owners rallied at the Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge 161 to torch the forms in a “symbolic protest,”: the Post-Star reports.


This is inspiring. Seriously.

It’s time the people push back.

When I hear about things like the SAFE Act, I think about this scene from Star Trek:

NSFW Language:

“The line must be drawn HERE!”


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