Bush Is Going To Pocket Veto The Secure Fence Act? That’s Ludicrous!

The oddest non-story/story of the last couple of days has been the speculation that Bush is going to Pocket veto the Secure Fence Act, which would build 700 miles of fencing on the border.

Mickey Kaus got the ball rolling based on, well, basically nothing — and because of the almost Hunter Thompsonesquely weird and mean vibe going around the right-side-of-the-blogosphere, which is very frustrated with the GOP — people seem to be buying into it.

Why in the world people would think George Bush, a guy who has vetoed exactly one bill in his entire Presidency, would step up and veto a wildly popular bill right before the election despite the fact that he has given no indications whatsoever that he’s even considering it, is beyond me.

But, here’s the reality: Patrick Ruffini from the RNC has sent out an email saying Bush is going to sign the bill. The White House press office told Mickey Kaus that Bush is going to sign the Bill, although he’s trying to find “wiggle room” in their statement.

So, George Bush will sign the Secure Fence Act. Bet the farm on it. In fact, there’s a better chance that Bush would talk Dick Cheney into resigning so he could be replaced with Barbra Streisand than there is that George Bush will pocket veto the Secure Fence Act. Keep that in mind and just don’t worry about it.

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