Bush Is No Reagan Republican:

Bush Is No Reagan Republican: I can’t even being to tell you what a complete and utter disappointment Bush has been to me. In many respects, he’s actually governed to the LEFT of Clinton. Now don’t get me wrong, I give him credit for his tax cut, his many attempts to drill ANWR, the fantastic job we did in Afghanistan, pushing the NMD, his current Israeli policy, and for his strong rejection of lots of terrible treaties among other things. But there are so many other things that he’s drifted way to the left on.

He broke a campaign pledge and signed Campaign Finance Reform. He allowed a Democrat-sponsored government power grab for airport security. He signed a bloated 190 billion farm bill and he’s going to sign a frighteningly expensive bill that provides prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. Sure it’s the Democrats that are pushing these bills, but Bush is signing them without complaint. Furthermore, the steel tariffs he signed up for are a terrible deal for most Americans and they invited billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs. Bush created military tribunals and then he refused to put Zacarias Moussaoui or anyone else in front of them. Then there’s the gargantuan Homeland Security department, the fact that he signed the trial lawyer friendly Sarbanes Corporate Reform bill, his Ted Kennedy backed education bill, and his administration’s welcoming stance towards illegal aliens.

Bush’s reminds me of the pre-1980 Republican strategy of doing the absolute minimum required to hold on to your Conservative base while endlessly pandering to the left on the majority of issues. Whatever happened to the idea of wanting to be President so you could implement an agenda that you think is good for the country? The last President who seemed to have some sort of real goals beyond being elected to a second term was Reagan. Since then, we’ve had nothing but pure politicians and certainly put GWB in that category. All we have is a combination of Bush 41’s ideological leanings, Jimmy Carter’s “niceness”, and Bill Clinton’s mercenary political habits. That’s a Frankenstein monster that I can’t say does a lot for me. The only thing that gives me any comfort at all is that Bush SEEMS to still be serious about the war. By now I think McCain or Gore would have completely lost interest…

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