Bush’s Greatest Accomplishment

by John Hawkins | September 27, 2005 4:16 pm

If Bush killed his own Medicare Prescription drug benefit, it would be the greatest accomplishment of his presidency on the domestic side. That’s pretty sad when you think about it.

*** Update #1 ***: From the comments section:

“Come on John. What about the tax cuts?

I mean, I agree with you, the Prescription drug benefit is a costly mess, but give him some credit where credit is due.” — Rooster349

Killing the Medicare Prescription drug benefit would be a much greater achievement than the tax cuts.

The tax cuts, even if they’re made permanent, are still temporary. Politicians can always find some sneaky way to raise taxes as many people will learn to their detriment if Hillary Clinton is elected in 2008.

But, the Medicare Prescription drug benefit? That’s permanent. All by its lonesome it will likely lead to our country increasing the debt by an extra trillion dollars plus — that’s trillion with a t — over the next 15 years. From there, the amount will only grow…

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