Bush’s Upcoming Speech On Illegal Immigration

On Monday at 8 PM EST, President Bush is scheduled to give a major address on illegal immigration, undoubtedly because he’s hoping to stop the alarming drop in his approval rating that his soft stance on “undocumented workers” has led to over the past few weeks.

The rumor is that he’s planning to put the National Guard on the border, which would make sense given that he’s looking for a move that will show that he’s serious about immigration enforcement.

However, if that’s the only new thing he has to offer, it doesn’t merit a prime time speech because it’ll be viewed as nothing but a gimmick. People will figure that Bush, who has made no effort to secure the borders throughout his entire presidency, is just trying to give the appearance of being tough on illegal immigration to help get the soft on illegals bill he favors through the Senate.

If Bush really wants to stem the bleeding on illegal immigration, what he needs to do is announce that he changed his mind and believes that the immigration bill needs to be split up into two parts.

The first part, would be a bill that deals solely with border security and immigration enforcement. In other words, the Senate should put together a bill similar to one in the House. Then, Bush could announce that in the interim, while we’re waiting for that bill to be passed, he intends to order the National Guard to aid the Border Patrol.

Then, Bush could add that he still believes we need a guest worker program and a way to deal with the illegals who are already here, but that he wants the Senate and the House to work on a separate bill, later, because securing our borders is the top priority.

This would be an elegant way of handling the problem. It would satisfy the majority of Americans who want the border secured, it would take the unpopular guest worker program off the table until after the election (and even then it would be very difficult to get it passed), and it would force the Democrats to choose between opposing border security or going along with Bush to get a bill passed. Yet technically, Bush wouldn’t even be changing his position. He could still say, truthfully I might add, that he was in favor of a guest worker program and “earned” legalization of illegals who are already here.

So, can we expect Bush to do say something like this on Monday? Although we can hope to be happily surprised, I expect that he’ll say that he’s ordering the National Guard to the border and then he’ll start talking about “jobs Americans won’t do” and how he’s “against amnesty” as he tries to figure out a way to give 12-20 million illegals American citizenship as a prize for breaking our laws.


Still, cross your fingers and let’s hope against hope that W. has seen the light on this issue.

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