Campaign Memo Reveals Steve Poizner as Far-Left Candidate in 2004

He’s a nice guy, but GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner advocated far left-wing positions on a range of issues in his 2004 campaign for California Assembly. The document is here: “2004 Poizner for Assembly Policy Positions.” The Los Angeles Times obtained the report. See, “Document shows Poizner reversed course on public services for illegal immigrants,” and “Poizner’s positions have shifted more than was widely known.”


Taking a look at his positions, Poizner’s radical pro-abortion platform would make President Barack “Infanticide” Obama blush. On crime, Poizner advocated “reform” of the “Three Strikes” law and called for a moratorium on the death penalty. On civil rights Poizner favored “hate crimes” legislation and reparations for slavery. He’s a radical progressive of gay and lesbian issues. And on healthcare he supports expanding Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, and WIC to the “one million California children who are eligible and not yet enrolled” and he wanted to “Encourage all 3 million people who are eligible for public healthcare services to enroll.” I don’t see mention of extending these services to illegal residents, but according to the Times‘ interpretation, the document “shows he took liberal stands on abortion, services for illegal immigrants and reparations for slavery while running for Assembly in 2004.”

The guy’s pure RINO.

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